X Trials Championships 2016 Results

X Trials Championships 2016 Results

Well it was two nights of excitement and fun and not to forget lots of rain on night 2, so much so, that the finals were cut short when amongst rain and lightening, the lights at baseball park went out and that was a good time to pack up and call it a night.

“Watch Australia’s best moto trials riders tackle one of the most technical man-made course ever built. Add one huge lightening storm and torrential rain to the mix, and you have what was, the 2016 X Trial Australian”

Watch the Day 2 Video Highlights here: X Trials Champsionship Day 2 highlights

The course was pretty challenging and at times I even thought perhaps impossible however there was one rider that mastered the most difficult part of the course and that was Kyle MIddleton who eventually did get across this most difficult part and went on to win the Championships. Well done Kyle!

At the end of two days, here are the top 3 including our own #1 Neil Price who came second.
#1 Kyle MIddleton
#2 Neil Price
#3 Tim Coleman


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