What a Start to Thirst World Adventure

written by Steve Fraser from Thirst World Adventure

Perth to Kalgoorlie

Total Distance Travelled 615kms

What an amazing start.

After a great breakfast at Overlander Adventure (thank Corene and Keeah) it was time to start the ride. For the first 100kms I had an escort of more than 50 riders who showed up to support me (or just make sure I left town). We headed out to Toodyay and after a brief stop it was time to leave the group and make my way to Kalgoorlie.

I hade 4 mates, Murray (who I will introduce properly later) Garrick, Graham and Neil all ride with me today. The ride to Kalgoorlie is not the most exciting but after all the planning and preparation it was pretty exciting to finally be on the road.

Given the time of year in Australia today was hot today, around 37degrees (100F) so not the most comfortable with all the riding gear, but as along as you keep moving it is manageable. I am sure over the year I going to learn to cope with the best and worst of the weather.

We stoped a couple of times to grab a bite to eat and get the obligatory photograph, 8 hours later we arrived in Kalgoorlie and made our way to my good friend Ron and Sharon who we staying with for the night. After a brief interview and photo session with the local newspaper, it was time for a very welcome swim – Ah the world just seems to disappear when you are in a pool.

Murray and I continue on tomorrow whilst the other boys take the dirt track back to Perth, I think it’s about my bedtime.

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