Laverton to Warburton

Laverton to Warburton

Total distance travelled 1540kms

The Great Western Desert is a vast and open wonderland, traveling across it on a bike is an amazing experience. It reminds you how vast Australia is, hundreds, no thousands of kilometres of wide-open country. The sun beats down as the day goes on, the ever-increasing temperature adding to the challenge, all of this tests your ability to concentrate and remain focused hour after hour.

You quickly become relaxed on the bike allowing it to drift under you, letting it move with the sand drifts on the road. It’s an art to learn not to fight this sensation but rather you need to embrace it, accelerate gently and enjoy the experience.

Murray did great today, hitting wash outs with ease and drifting through the corners and holding his line mile after mile. The temperature was still very hot but as the days go by we seem to be getting used to it.

Tomorrow we are starting early and make a push to Uluru, where we will spend a couple of days around that amazing rock.

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