Its Hot, Hot, Hot on the first few days of Thirst World Adventure

written by Steve Fraser from Thirst World Adventure
hot hot hot
Total Distance travelled 995kms

Hot, Hot, Hot

That’s my new theme song, I just wish it was about me and not the weather. Today hit 40c near Laverton, the first couple of the hours were great but after lunch was a bit sticky.

Murray and I hit the road early this morning to try and beat the heat, we stopped a couple of times along the way to check out some of the great old mining buildings and old homestead’s. There is so much history is this area I love seeing what some of the early pioneers went through.

Tomorrow we start the real dirt riding, which I am looking forward to. It’s out in the desert for the next few days and off the grid. I hope it’s not like the famous Midnight Oil’s song The western desert lives and breathes at forty five degrees we are about to find out!

I am not sure if we will have any signal for a so if you don’t hear from me you will understand why.

Signing off – Steve and Murray (the desert rats)

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