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First Aid Training for the Motorcyclist

Rider Down is a quality driven educational provider that delivers world class, life saving skills to the motorcyclist and cyclist. Designed and delivered by Paramedics who are active motorcyclists ensures that the lifesaving skills you learn is world best practice.

This is NOT your typical First Aid course as our focus is on providing the right education and skills to the types of injuries typically encountered by the Rider Down.

Rider Down is critical to those that commute in the city or enjoy that long country ride. Our highly specialised program will give you all the essential skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to provide immediate and life saving care.

Located in Perth, Western Australia our program delivery is on a national level.

First Aid Training

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WA motorcyclist fatalities and critical injuries

 In 2014, 44 motorcyclists were killed and 61 were critically injured as a result of a crash in WA. The majority of both the fatalities 59% (26) and those who were critically injured 70% (43), were due to crashes in the metropolitan area. Nearly half 45% (20) of the fatalities and a third 33% (20) of the critically injured motorcyclists were involved in crashes occurring on the weekend.

In 2014, eight cyclists were killed and 18 were critically injured as a result of a crash in WA, an increase of 19% on the five-year average. All these fatalities, and most of the critically injured 83% (15), were due to crashes in the metropolitan area.

Rider Down has a passion to reduce the number of fatalities through education and by providing life saving skills. Our focus is NOT delivering a ‘modified’ first aid course but comes from experience and understanding the injuries that contribute to motorcycle fatalities. The skills that we teach you are NOT taught in any first aid course, and that is the Rider Down difference.

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Ainslie Kounis
2016-09-12 11:49:53
We attended the FAST AID MOTORCYCLE TRAINING with Rider Down recently and as someone who has not done any first aid or fast aid training before I found this incredibly helpful. Janine Nicholas's knowledge and patience with training allowed me to understand what was required in the event of coming across a rider down. Learning some basic yet effective skills in this situation could save a fellow riders life. Even if you've done first aid training before - refreshing your skills or learning something new is always a great idea. I can highly recommend this training. Check out our events calendar for the next one or go to Rider Down website for all the details. Thanks Janine Nicholas awesome work! Saving lives one rider at a time!! Brilliant

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