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The Know Your Rights Group is a community of passionate, like-minded people who are committed to sharing their wealth of knowledge, gained over many years, to inform and educate people about their rights in all areas of life.  We recommend that you work your way through the various tabs and drop down menus on their website and at the tabs at the top to see just how many areas they cover.

One of the first concepts that we want people to understand is that we are all currently slaves to a much bigger system than most realise.  Many people think that slavery was abolished decades ago but the sad reality is that it continues today, worse than ever before.

Those who don’t know their rights are slaves to the system and in fact even many who do know their rights are still slaves because they don’t put that information into practice.  That is one of the primary goals of our website.

Our first aim is to wake people up to the TRUTH that the governments and those who are REALLY in power have been suppressing for many years.  For those who are just starting down this path of “awakening” we strongly recommend that you view the videos on our website.



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