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As avid motorbike riders too, we understand the importance of looking after your health and wellness so that you can do what you love – get out and ride with your friends.

At Healthier Options, as we ourselves, discover and align ourselves with various businesses and practitioners who provide certified organic, organic or natural more beneficial alternatives to chemicals or who provide health, wellness & fitness products and services, we will share them with you.

Our directory provides a way these business can connect with you as you discover how important it is to BE healthy and live healthy and hence enjoy a much higher vibration of living. You will feel great, you will have energy and a vibrancy about you that allows you to enjoy doing what you do.

If you have such a business or service that you would like to connect with others and the people who join our community or visit our site to find out more and would like to advertise here, please get in touch with us today by sending us an email to

We are still fairly new and we want to grow this niche directory so you have a place to promote your products and services in the Healthier Options Directory to people who are now looking for healthier options in their life, be it food and nutrition, skincare and beauty products or consultants.

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