Business Showcase

think local
Do you know what businesses are out there and what they do or what they offer?

Do you share those businesses with your friends and family?

We will feature businesses and their products and/or services so you get to know who’s out there and what they do in relation to the motorcycle industry or who are biker friendly businesses.

As a rider and motorcycle enthusiast this is an opportunity for you to check out who’s around and what they do – maybe you’ve heard of them or maybe you haven’t and they have just what you’re looking for. Perhaps one of your friends is looking for something and you spot it, then you can recommend the business or service to them.  If you buy from the business or visit them, you can then come back and rate them on the site so that others know what your experience was like. Be honest with your reviews as it will not only help others it will help the business owners grow or do things differently. Remember though that this is only YOUR experience and someone else might have a very different experience to you. Be constructive. Offer feedback in your comments and keep the language and emotions respectful.

If your business has a product or service for the motorcycle community or if your a biker friendly business such as a cafe, hotel, restaurant etc then this is an opportunity for you to be seen ahead of everyone else.  To be showcased and promoted to our members and anyone visiting our site. It’s an opportunity to have other people want to come and buy from you or visit your premises and see what it is you’re offering.  Remember you get one chance to make a good impression. Our members can come back and rate your service, your food, your price, your staff and how easy it is to get to you. Customer Service is vital if you want people to keep coming back to you and to sustain and grow your business.

Click on the business name next to the Business Showcase tab to find out who is currently being featured and remember to check back often as these will change.

Remember that people who love and ride two wheels (or even three and let’s not forget the quads too) are one big family of like minded people who are passionate about what we ride, no matter what brand it is, so let’s get connected and enjoy the ride.

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