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Motorsport has the X Factor


courtesy of Nicky Foulkes
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xtrial_eventpic-49A worldclass motorsports event is set to bring
HBF Stadium to life in February 2017.
X Trial Australian Championship is a
spectacular show or the whole family to enjoy
with incredible feats of gravity defying trial riding and extreme displays of
superhuman capabilities that will have the
audience on the edges of their seats.
Hear the gasps and feel the tension as all eyes
focus on the skilled and talented riders.
This is the show’s third year in Perth and the
first time it’s being held at HBF Stadium ­ready to accept a larger crowd than ever
before in an undercover stadium
that lends itself perfectly to this super­charged event.


Family event 
Neil Price, WA State Champion and organiser of the event said the X Trial Australian
Championship is a fantastic family event that allows people of all ages to experience trials
bike riding.


“Trials bike riding is an extreme sport that is growing in popularity year by year,” said Neil.

“An event like this is an opportunity to bring the sport to an even broader audience. The
Championship is about more than just the sport it’s a terrific, inexpensive and entertaining
day out for the whole family with something for everyone.” While the bikes and the
competition are the main focus, there will also be a ‘Pit Party’ where you can meet the
riders and enjoy interactive entertainment for the whole family.


“As a family man myself, I wanted to make this event about more than just the bikes,”
added Neil.


“We’ve considered the cost and because I know how expensive family days out can be,
we’ve kept the price low and the value high. Plus, we have an option to raise funds from
the sale of tickets for clubs and community groups, so if you’re fundraising for a club or a
loved one, you can help by attending this great event.”



Tickets are now on sale.  
More information about the event and ticket sales can be found on X Trial’s website, or see for event updates.



Happy 60th Anniversary Yamaha

Happy 60th Anniversary Yamaha

Well today, Saturday April  30th 2016, The Bikers Guide Australia decided to go check out the celebrations at #FiveStarYamaha in Hamilton Hill, Western Australia.  You see Yamaha was celebrating it 60th anniversary and #FiveStarYamaha decided to put on a party. Yummy sausage sizzle complete with birthday cakes and pizzas, legends of the sport were there including Michael Dowson, Kevin Magee, Stephen Gall and Craig Dack who all shared their past experiences with us, so of course, we just had to get one of their signed autographed posters. It’s always nice to take away some memorabilia of the greats and to hear their stories.
Stephen Galls talked about one of his stunts on one of the #MadMax movie’s he was involved in making and all he could think about was what he had learnt.  His message was “Control what you can control and don’t worry about what you can’t control”
Great take away Stephen.

Michael, gave us some laughs when he talked about his fun with a brand new Go Kart in Sugo Japan, while representing Yamaha in MS1. The group was allowed to race on the brand new circuit and with a brand new Go Kart. Riding a KT100S he came up against Robert Phillis who represented Kawasaki. Being the competitive spirited guys that they are, they kept going faster and faster until Robert shoves him off the track and subsequently crashed the expensive Go Kart. LOL Kawasaki wins again! Sorry guys and gals, I’m currently a Kawasaki gal.  I”m laughing at this point in time of him telling his story.
Anyway, he’s the rider and rep for Yamaha and he’s just crashed one of their brand new expensive Go Karts…..oops…not good.

Back on his bike now and he went on to fair no better in the trials and as he came over a hill he went one way and his Yamaha went the other, so now he’s in trouble with Japan Go Kart President and his own team. He qualified out of the top 10. The next day was wet and thankfully for Michael he was pretty good in the wet and went on to win both races. His team was happy again. As he stood to receive his winners prize, guess who was the person awarding the prize for the winner..none other than the President of Sugo Go Kart’s.  Ha ha.
He said “Dawson son, about the Go Kart…don’t worry about it!”
Great story and good to see the guys having some fun whilst they’re out and about representing their sport.


#4Michael Dowson #16Kevin Magee #2Stephen Gall #5Craig Dack


Five Star Yamaha celebrate 25yrs…it was yummo!

Speaking of greats, they also had Australia’s #1 Stunt Rider #DaveMcKenna  there and it was a thrill to see what this guy can do on a street bike. OMG!  I had prime position at one of the ends and when you have a street bike powering down towards you at goodness knows what speed and suddenly stop dead in front of you and slide the back end out sideways, oh what a thrill…and I didn’t even flinch. Well not until he decided to burn some rubber at our end of the field, in which case we had to turn our heads away as small bits of gravel and rubber being flung everywhere, but oh what a thrill and talk about smokin it up! Man what can’t that guy do. Seriously, Dave knows how to handle his machine and he ripped it up for the crowd today. I felt like a little kid again as I stood in line for a signed autographed poster
“Live like you mean it” wrote #DaveMcKenna


The Bikers Guide Australia meets #1 Dave McKenna Street Bike Stunt Rider Extraordinaire

So after enjoying the sausage sizzle, pizza, cake and cool drink, checking out the bikes, listening to past heroes of the sport and watching some incredible stunt riding, it was time to head home….with our posters and a goodie bag in hand.

Signed 4 x poster

#4Michael Dowson #16Kevin Magee #2Stephen Gall #5Craig Dack

Live Like you Mean it! # Dave McKenna

Live Like you Mean it!
# Dave McKenna

Thanks Five Star Yamaha for a fun day and it was great to celebrate Yamaha’s 60th anniversary. Who know’s you might even convert me over to a Yamaha yet (that R3 that I test rode recently!…Mmmmm)….for now though I still love my Kawasaki.. LOL

Yamaha REVS Your Heart

Yamaha REVS Your Heart

X Trials Championships 2016 Results

X Trials Championships 2016 Results

Well it was two nights of excitement and fun and not to forget lots of rain on night 2, so much so, that the finals were cut short when amongst rain and lightening, the lights at baseball park went out and that was a good time to pack up and call it a night.

“Watch Australia’s best moto trials riders tackle one of the most technical man-made course ever built. Add one huge lightening storm and torrential rain to the mix, and you have what was, the 2016 X Trial Australian”

Watch the Day 2 Video Highlights here: X Trials Champsionship Day 2 highlights

The course was pretty challenging and at times I even thought perhaps impossible however there was one rider that mastered the most difficult part of the course and that was Kyle MIddleton who eventually did get across this most difficult part and went on to win the Championships. Well done Kyle!

At the end of two days, here are the top 3 including our own #1 Neil Price who came second.
#1 Kyle MIddleton
#2 Neil Price
#3 Tim Coleman


Xtrials Australian Championships Perth 2016

Save the date and come on down to the Xtrials Australian Championships!!!

When is it – 8th and 9th April 2016

What time is it – 6pm to 9pm – Gates open at 4pm

Where is it – Baseball Park Canning Vale

Come and cheer on Neil Price WA’s #1 and Kristie McKinnon AUS#1 woman

X TRials Flyer



WA Triumph Riders - WA Largest Parade of Triumphs

We dropped in to see the riders of the WA Triumph Ride as they got ready for their ride from Thornlie to Pinjarra  on 06th March 2016.  We wanted to introduce ourselves and to share the business with them.  A great response and so here is the video of them leaving for their ride. Enjoy Triumph riders!!