Will Harley electric bike be a Revelation?

Article from: Motorbike Writer (via Motorbike Writer)

Harley-Davidson has launched two new Sportster variants – Iron 1200 and Forty-Eight Special – and applied for the trademark name H-D Revelation which could be the name for their electric bike to be released next year.

CEO Matt Levatich last month defrayed concern about their fourth consecutive year of sliding sales by announcing they would have an electric motorcycle available within 18 months.

This brought forward the previously announced due date by two years.

While their electric bike concept unveiled in 2o14 was the Livewire Project, the company has not been talking about releasing the Livewire, but an “electric motorcycle”.

So it could have a different name.

H-D Revelation

H-D Revelation would be a suitable name for their electric bike as many of the riders – both public and moto journalists – who have tested it have described it as a “revelation”.

Harley-Davidson greenies eight electric motorbike
MBW riding the Harley LiveWire in LA

The name is also similar to the Evolution engines in their Sportsters and the Revolution X in the Street family.

This is the fourth new name Harley has registered in the past few months with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The others are Pan America, 48X and Bronx.

Pan America could be a new Tourer model, while the 48X and Bronx are believed to be Sportsters, a family which hasn’t had a significant drivetrain upgrade in years.

The new model names may not be used this year, as companies have a couple of years to use them before they expire.

However, we do expect about 10 new Harley models in 2018 as part of Harley’s “100 models in 10 years” policy announced early last year.

In the first year of the policy, Harley released 10 new models including nine new Softails which now include the Dyna family and the Street Rod.

New Sportsters

Harley-Davidson Iron 1200 - revelation
Harley-Davidson Iron 1200

Meanwhile, Harley has announced two new variants with hardly any changes.

The Iron 1200 is basically the blacked-out 883-powered Iron, but with the 1200 Evolution engine.

It also features satin-black Mini Ape bars, Café Solo seat, black nine-spoke wheels, black belt guard and black rear sprocket.

The Forty-Eight Special has a wide front tyre, wide forks, gloss-black Tallboy handlebars and black split nine-spoke cast aluminium wheels.

Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Special - revelation
Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Special

Both come standard with ABS and the Harley-Davidson Smart Security System. Australia should get them within the next month.

They are not exactly a revolution or revelation in new models, but new models all the same.

It is typical of Harley to release a couple of “mid-year” mild variants around this time of the year.

We still expect a substantial upgrade in the Sportster line-up in August when they usually announce their major upgrades.

This year it will coincide with Harley’s 115th anniversary celebrations in its hometown of Milwaukee.

And here’s our wild tip: Like the Street family, which is made in both the USA and India, the new Sportster may also be produced in two countries.

Harley is building a plant in Thailand, so they could also be produced there.


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We Need Our Track Back - Rally to Parliament House

The #WNOTB Rally aims to deliver a message to the Minister Mick Murray, the government and Motorcycling Australia, that we want our track back and we’re no longer prepared to sit passively by and wait.

The Rally will be on the morning of Sunday 25th February 2018
Will form-up at Barbagallo Raceway at 08.00am ready to depart at 08.45am.


• Ensure you have a current, valid, appropriate class, licence for the motorcycle you are riding.
• The rally will form-up at Barbagallo Raceway in Neerabup. Please be there for 08.00am ready to depart at 08.45am
• The rally procession will be divided into riding groups of 20 motorcycles with each group being led by a marshal wearing a hi-vis vest. There will be approx. 3 minute intervals between each riding group.
• Ensure you stay with the group you start with, do not join other riding groups – our permitted group number is 20 + Marshals
• Access and unimpeded passage to be given to all emergency vehicles at all times.
• All participants and marshals are to comply with the provisions of the Road Traffic Act and Regulations.
• No person or vehicle will display any banners or placards which are substantially constructed of wood, iron or similar substance or of such dimensions that they are likely to be a danger or cause interference to other persons.
• No materials to be used on the vehicles to obscure a driver’s vision, vehicle lighting or registration plates.

The procession will travel south on the Mitchell Fwy to Parliament House in Perth.


• Ensure you have a current, valid, appropriate class, licence for the vehicle and trailer you are driving/towing.
• Assemble at Parliament House car park – off Harvest Terrace from 08.30am
• Race/Track bikes to be un-loaded and parked on rear paddock stands at the steps of Parliament – please follow the instructions from the marshals.
• Cars and trailers will be parked in allocated areas away from the motorcycle procession parking area – please follow the instructions from the marshals.
• Access and unimpeded passage to be given to all emergency vehicles at all times.
• All participants and marshals are to comply with the provisions of the Road Traffic Act and Regulations.
• No person or vehicle will display any banners or placards which are substantially constructed of wood, iron or similar substance or of such dimensions that they are likely to be a danger or cause interference to other persons.
• No materials to be used on the vehicles to obscure a driver’s vision, vehicle lighting or registration plates.

We will hold a ‘meeting’ at Parliament House – in the car park and on the steps of Parliament and then disperse again between 12.00 and 1.00pm

PLEASE NOTE: We are expecting a significant number of solo motorcycles in the procession and several race/track bikes on static display. Parking maps will be displayed on this event page ahead of the rally. Please be patient when assembling at Parliament House and please also be patient when the event is over and everyone is leaving.

Laverton to Warburton

Laverton to Warburton

Total distance travelled 1540kms

The Great Western Desert is a vast and open wonderland, traveling across it on a bike is an amazing experience. It reminds you how vast Australia is, hundreds, no thousands of kilometres of wide-open country. The sun beats down as the day goes on, the ever-increasing temperature adding to the challenge, all of this tests your ability to concentrate and remain focused hour after hour.

You quickly become relaxed on the bike allowing it to drift under you, letting it move with the sand drifts on the road. It’s an art to learn not to fight this sensation but rather you need to embrace it, accelerate gently and enjoy the experience.

Murray did great today, hitting wash outs with ease and drifting through the corners and holding his line mile after mile. The temperature was still very hot but as the days go by we seem to be getting used to it.

Tomorrow we are starting early and make a push to Uluru, where we will spend a couple of days around that amazing rock.

#4 out of 10 Great Reasons for Thirst World Adventure

written by Steve Fraser from Thirst World Adventure
I love to ride. When there’s no strict agenda and you just fire up the bike and ride—there’s nothing better. The thrill of discovering an amazing track or road, following each bend, and wondering what is just around the corner, brings a smile to your face. Your heart beats a little faster when you look into the distance and the road weaves, climbs and winds as far as the eye can see.

The wind in your hair, the sun on your back, to stop whenever you want, or not, to camp next to a river or on a mountaintop and wake up to sunrise are the joys of the road.

Riding a bike is nothing like travelling in a car. On a bike, you experience every subtle change in temperature, every scent— you are part of your environment. I understand a lot of people don’t get it, no air conditioning, limited comfort, dust in your face, but that’s all part of the bike journey. If you don’t ride then it’s hard to logically explain, in fact there is no logic attached– it’s a heart thing.

Emotion trumps logic every time, and this adventure is all about heart. What could be better than the chance to ride for months on end for a cause that is close to my heart? A heart journey for a heart cause.

I know there are easier ways to go around the world. There are incredible hotels with hot showers and comfortable beds, amazing room service menus and climate-controlled rooms. That’s a luxury holiday, not an adventure.

Let the ride begin!

Its Hot, Hot, Hot on the first few days of Thirst World Adventure

written by Steve Fraser from Thirst World Adventure
hot hot hot
Total Distance travelled 995kms

Hot, Hot, Hot

That’s my new theme song, I just wish it was about me and not the weather. Today hit 40c near Laverton, the first couple of the hours were great but after lunch was a bit sticky.

Murray and I hit the road early this morning to try and beat the heat, we stopped a couple of times along the way to check out some of the great old mining buildings and old homestead’s. There is so much history is this area I love seeing what some of the early pioneers went through.

Tomorrow we start the real dirt riding, which I am looking forward to. It’s out in the desert for the next few days and off the grid. I hope it’s not like the famous Midnight Oil’s song The western desert lives and breathes at forty five degrees we are about to find out!

I am not sure if we will have any signal for a so if you don’t hear from me you will understand why.

Signing off – Steve and Murray (the desert rats)

#3 of 10 Great Reasons for Thirst World Adventure

written by Steve Fraser from Thirst World Adventure

10 Great Reasons for Thirst World Adventure. Number 3: The Photographic trip of a lifetime.

I could never have imagined growing up in a small country town that one day I would be heading off to photograph 5 Continents and more than 30 countries. With my trusty camera (ok Camera’s) in hand, the chance to visit some of the most remote regions on the planet and photograph them every day is my idea of heaven, it’s why I became a photographer and it never grows old.

Moving forward ever day, photographing the ever-changing landscapes. The vast contrasts from the harsh Australian desert to the mountaintops of Switzerland, the incredible majesty of Victoria Falls to the wilderness that is Siberia. Just thinking about these places excites me; it makes my spirit jump and my heartbeat just a little faster.

I have spent years travelling to some of the most remote locations on the planet and now I am off on another adventure to new countries to discover new landscapes and to discover more about myself along the way – what could say you are alive more than waking up in the remote wilderness of the Gobi desert in Kazakhstan.

Often I see people as they get older their lives start to contract, they begin to shrink their world. It doesn’t have to be this way, my passion is my profession and every day I dream about far and away lands, what they would be like to visit and photograph. With only a couple of days until the start of the adventure, the excitement is beginning to build and I feel more alive than I ever did at 20.

What are your dreams and passion? It took me years of hard work to turn my passion into my profession; I simply started with doing one thing every day that would move me slightly closer to my dreams you might want to try it.

What a Start to Thirst World Adventure

written by Steve Fraser from Thirst World Adventure

Perth to Kalgoorlie

Total Distance Travelled 615kms

What an amazing start.

After a great breakfast at Overlander Adventure (thank Corene and Keeah) it was time to start the ride. For the first 100kms I had an escort of more than 50 riders who showed up to support me (or just make sure I left town). We headed out to Toodyay and after a brief stop it was time to leave the group and make my way to Kalgoorlie.

I hade 4 mates, Murray (who I will introduce properly later) Garrick, Graham and Neil all ride with me today. The ride to Kalgoorlie is not the most exciting but after all the planning and preparation it was pretty exciting to finally be on the road.

Given the time of year in Australia today was hot today, around 37degrees (100F) so not the most comfortable with all the riding gear, but as along as you keep moving it is manageable. I am sure over the year I going to learn to cope with the best and worst of the weather.

We stoped a couple of times to grab a bite to eat and get the obligatory photograph, 8 hours later we arrived in Kalgoorlie and made our way to my good friend Ron and Sharon who we staying with for the night. After a brief interview and photo session with the local newspaper, it was time for a very welcome swim – Ah the world just seems to disappear when you are in a pool.

Murray and I continue on tomorrow whilst the other boys take the dirt track back to Perth, I think it’s about my bedtime.

#2 of the 10 Great Reasons for Thirst World Adventure

Steve Fraser and his gear

written by Steve Fraser from Thirst World Adventure
One of the things about being on the road is that you have to simplify life, which in this day and age isn’t that easy. However it is very refreshing.

Start by stripping back your world, one bowl to eat out of, which doubles as a pot to cook in, one cup, one knife and fork. Next its your clothes, one pair of shorts, one pair of hiking pants, 3 or 4 pair on undies, 3 tee shirts, a set of thermals, one jumper. All of a sudden my large walk in robe at home looks extremely excessive.

The list goes on, pack a limited amount of tools to fix the bike, some essential spare parts and a just 2 cameras and 2 lens (this is the hard one for me), For this adventure I have gone with the extremely versatile Nikon D5 and its junior cousin as a back up the D500. They are both really versatile and will capture great images, can work in low light and the D5 particularly is extremely robust and will take a pounding.

Add in enough dried food packs for 7 days, 5 litres of water (per day) throw in a bunch of protein bars just for good measure and there is not much more in life you need. The last and maybe the most important thing (in my opinion) is a good tent, a very comfy sleeping mat and warm sleeping bag. I can cope with most things in life if I get a good nights sleep, so I always go for the top of the range in comfort, which weights slightly more but is worth every extra gram at 2am when you are in a storm in Siberia.

I don’t need much more than this to get me across the world, which makes life pretty simple and very pure.

#1 of the 10 Great Reasons for Thirst World Adventure

littel girl in Africa
written by Steve Fraser from Thirst World Adventure

Water is the world’s most precious commodity, without it we can only live a few days. The issue is not there is not enough water in the world, but rather that the distribution of it is not even.

Some countries have more than enough water, where trillions of litres flow in to the sea on a regular basis, these countries never understand the impact of water restrictions and understandably rarely even give it much though. Others nations experience little rainfall and are in constant drought, this is where water is a daily concern.

In most western countries we use wealth and technology to overcome our lack of water. My home country of Australia is the perfect example, we constantly live with a water shortage, farmers have to use underground water sources to keep livestock alive during summer, we have built large and expensive desalination plants to turn salty water into perfect drinking water for our cities.

The first part of my journey tomorrow is from my hometown in Perth to the large mining town of Kalgoorlie. Kalgoorlie would not exist if a 550km long pipeline hadn’t been built in 1903 to overcome a severe water shortage. The luxury of living in Australia is that we have the technology and the wealth to overcome a constant lack of water.

Unfortunately for large parts of the developing world this is not the case – here are the latest stats, which might shock you.

650 Million people don’t have access to clean fresh water.
2 billion people don’t have access to proper sanitation
3000 children die in Africa everyday from a lack of water of water related diseases
That is one child every 90 seconds
Last year Water for Africa brought clean fresh water to over 300,000 people and growing.

Every time I take a drink on this adventure I am going to think about those children, children who deserve a better chance in life.