#4 out of 10 Great Reasons for Thirst World Adventure

written by Steve Fraser from Thirst World Adventure
I love to ride. When there’s no strict agenda and you just fire up the bike and ride—there’s nothing better. The thrill of discovering an amazing track or road, following each bend, and wondering what is just around the corner, brings a smile to your face. Your heart beats a little faster when you look into the distance and the road weaves, climbs and winds as far as the eye can see.

The wind in your hair, the sun on your back, to stop whenever you want, or not, to camp next to a river or on a mountaintop and wake up to sunrise are the joys of the road.

Riding a bike is nothing like travelling in a car. On a bike, you experience every subtle change in temperature, every scent— you are part of your environment. I understand a lot of people don’t get it, no air conditioning, limited comfort, dust in your face, but that’s all part of the bike journey. If you don’t ride then it’s hard to logically explain, in fact there is no logic attached– it’s a heart thing.

Emotion trumps logic every time, and this adventure is all about heart. What could be better than the chance to ride for months on end for a cause that is close to my heart? A heart journey for a heart cause.

I know there are easier ways to go around the world. There are incredible hotels with hot showers and comfortable beds, amazing room service menus and climate-controlled rooms. That’s a luxury holiday, not an adventure.

Let the ride begin!

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