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Ian Moss Rocks it at the VIP after party!

It doesn’t get any better than this!

As if the day wasn’t sensational enough where we attended the Grand Opening of Victory & Indian Motorcycles in Perth, now the largest store in the southern hemisphere, we were then invited to attend the VIP after party.

To read all about the Grand Opening day you can click here
, now it’s time to share the
VIP after party where the night was topped off with a private concert by the one and only talented legendary Mr Ian Moss.


After spending all day at the opening it was now 5:30pm and we’ve just arrived at the Invite only VIP after party to celebrate the Grand Opening of Victory & Indian Motorcycles here in Perth.

We were so excited at being invited I can tell you. We decided not to dress in our usual corporate colours tonight and chose matching black & yellow instead and even made it into their opening little video of the night.

We were greeted at the door in the typical VIP way of being able to walk the red carpet and boy didn’t we feel important. We checked our names off at the door and were given name badges, except we were given a VIP badge and a Media badge – rather than our actual name badges. I was a little disappointed at first however sometimes the universe gives you things in your favour and tonight turned out to be one of those nights!

I gave Steve the Media badge and quickly snapped up the VIP badge only to swap it later with him for the Media badge!! Yes,we were being media for the night and out to report on the event and get some happy snaps – as we always do when we’re at events.

There were snacks in true American style of mini hotdogs and hamburgers to celebrate and washed down with a wine, Corona cold one or soft drinks.


After mingling with people and taking some snappy shots it was time to take a load off the feet and find a spot to sit and watch the show that was about to unfold. None other than the legendary Mr Ian Moss and he certainly didn’t disappoint us. Singing some good ole favourites too like Tuckers Daughter and Georgia.


As I walked across the floor to take my seat I was stopped by the Country Manager
Mr Peter Harvey wanting to know who I was and what Media I was from – he informed me he wanted to thank the media for coming. So we swapped business cards and he kindly gave The Bikes Guide Australia a thank you for being there – how nice was that! We don’t mind the publicity now do we!!!  I guess it really does pay to put yourself in a position of becoming known. We love to support all the businesses in this industry and get them known to the riders and enthusiasts  – that’s what The Bikers Guide Australia is all about -so it really was a no brainer for us!


In true celebrity style we just had to get our passes signed and have a picture taken for our own memories with Ian Moss.

So as the night came to a close it certainly looked like everybody had a great time and was excited to be a part of the celebrations of the Grand Opening of Victory & Indian Motorcycles here in Perth. As I speak already to friends who have an interest in Indians, they too are excited to hear that they’re here in Perth and we believe they’re here to stay and will only get bigger.


A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS Victory & Indian Motorcycles on your opening and for putting together a day and a night of SPECTACULAR fun and entertainment for everyone.

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Now That's How You Do a Grand Opening!!

In one word SPECTACULAR!



Well the weather was dreary on Saturday 8th October 2016 for the Grand Opening of Victory & Indian Motorcycles in Perth and yet that did not deter the crowds that flooded through the doors of this newly opened store.


We planned on getting there for the opening at 8:30am thinking that there might be a large crowd. Arriving by about 8:45am and yes we weren’t disappointed. The car parks were full however we did manage to secure a spot at the other end of the car park and had a quick walk down through the sprinkle of rain.



The place was packed! Marques outside showcasing bikes for the Show and Shine section hosted by Clean Ride and Motorcycle Panel and Paint and also the Vintage Indian Motorcycle Club had a lovely display of really old vintage bikes.









Inside the showroom was buzzing with people, bikes, merchandise, fashion shows and bands playing and I’m sure every available staff member was there and rightly so as they would not have wanted to miss out on this day! It was by far the grandest and biggest grand opening of a store we’ve ever seen and attended.


People mingling, buzzing, checking out the bikes and buying merchandise and generally happy to be there and share in the excitement of the day and we’re sure that no one wanted to go anywhere til closing because with prizes being given away every hour by none other than Shane Jacobson and the chance to go into the draw to win a $20,000 motorbike, would you walk away?




Of course we had to get a picture with Shane Jacobson!


You had to be there to win any of the prizes and over 1000 people registered that day to be in the chance. WOW WOW WOW is all be can say and I’m sure if these guys are as smart as we’ve seen them be today then, those 1000 people will get marketed to again for the chance to secure bikes or merchandise – that would be the smart thing to do!










What would a motorbike event be without the promo girls helping out, parading the fashion and generally looking good.













We stayed all day, checked it out, spoke with staff include Mark Bottomley the workshop Manager and when you go down to see the store, check out his workshop – it’s so clean I’m sure you could almost eat off the floor! Well done Mark for keeping your workshop in such tip top condition – as you say, how a workshop should be kept.








Fun photo shoots, food stalls, lines for coffee was the order of the day and for four lucky men that day was made even more exciting because they all won $600 jackets.

So as closing time drew near and the rain came down on and off throughout the day, one thing that didn’t seem to wain was the number of people there and that had come through – over 2000!


We all shuffled in doors at 1pm to see who was going to be the lucky winner of this awesome bike. The four men were on stage with Shane Jacobson and there was only one helmet containing 4 keys. One key was going to start the bike and for the other 3 sadly nothing – however they still walked away with their jackets!


First guy, nothing, second guy, nothing, third guy…..loud cheering as the headlight came on and Mark Smith was the proud owner of a brand new $20,000 Indian Scout. We could all feel Mark’s joy as he quickly wiped away what looked like tears of joy…and righly so.


Congratulations Mark, we’re sure you’ll enjoy many hours of riding on your new bike or perhaps your wife will as we noticed she quickly jumped on it too!


As the Grand Opening for the General public was finally over…it was time to head home and get ready for the VIP after party! Stay tuned for the write up of this spectacular night with Ian Moss.

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