#2 of the 10 Great Reasons for Thirst World Adventure

Steve Fraser and his gear

written by Steve Fraser from Thirst World Adventure
One of the things about being on the road is that you have to simplify life, which in this day and age isn’t that easy. However it is very refreshing.

Start by stripping back your world, one bowl to eat out of, which doubles as a pot to cook in, one cup, one knife and fork. Next its your clothes, one pair of shorts, one pair of hiking pants, 3 or 4 pair on undies, 3 tee shirts, a set of thermals, one jumper. All of a sudden my large walk in robe at home looks extremely excessive.

The list goes on, pack a limited amount of tools to fix the bike, some essential spare parts and a just 2 cameras and 2 lens (this is the hard one for me), For this adventure I have gone with the extremely versatile Nikon D5 and its junior cousin as a back up the D500. They are both really versatile and will capture great images, can work in low light and the D5 particularly is extremely robust and will take a pounding.

Add in enough dried food packs for 7 days, 5 litres of water (per day) throw in a bunch of protein bars just for good measure and there is not much more in life you need. The last and maybe the most important thing (in my opinion) is a good tent, a very comfy sleeping mat and warm sleeping bag. I can cope with most things in life if I get a good nights sleep, so I always go for the top of the range in comfort, which weights slightly more but is worth every extra gram at 2am when you are in a storm in Siberia.

I don’t need much more than this to get me across the world, which makes life pretty simple and very pure.

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