#1 of the 10 Great Reasons for Thirst World Adventure

littel girl in Africa
written by Steve Fraser from Thirst World Adventure

Water is the world’s most precious commodity, without it we can only live a few days. The issue is not there is not enough water in the world, but rather that the distribution of it is not even.

Some countries have more than enough water, where trillions of litres flow in to the sea on a regular basis, these countries never understand the impact of water restrictions and understandably rarely even give it much though. Others nations experience little rainfall and are in constant drought, this is where water is a daily concern.

In most western countries we use wealth and technology to overcome our lack of water. My home country of Australia is the perfect example, we constantly live with a water shortage, farmers have to use underground water sources to keep livestock alive during summer, we have built large and expensive desalination plants to turn salty water into perfect drinking water for our cities.

The first part of my journey tomorrow is from my hometown in Perth to the large mining town of Kalgoorlie. Kalgoorlie would not exist if a 550km long pipeline hadn’t been built in 1903 to overcome a severe water shortage. The luxury of living in Australia is that we have the technology and the wealth to overcome a constant lack of water.

Unfortunately for large parts of the developing world this is not the case – here are the latest stats, which might shock you.

650 Million people don’t have access to clean fresh water.
2 billion people don’t have access to proper sanitation
3000 children die in Africa everyday from a lack of water of water related diseases
That is one child every 90 seconds
Last year Water for Africa brought clean fresh water to over 300,000 people and growing.

Every time I take a drink on this adventure I am going to think about those children, children who deserve a better chance in life.

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